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Spring Series Race 4

Robert Wilson and JoAnne Shields set a great course in the shifty, ESE breeze. Length was perfect. The shifty breezes lent themselves well to port starts.

Ron Wright had the hot hand today sailing 1-1-2-3 for a 7 point total to win the day. The races were anything but easy with lead changes galore.

Newcomer Kristen O' Reilly made her presence known.  After getting the feel for the MC in race 1, she sailed to a nice third place finish in race two and WON race three. Congrats to Kristen.

In race 1, Ron got as great start and while it was anything but easy, managed to hold off the fleet after the windward rounding to the finish. Bill Schiffli took second and Tom Martin was 3rd.

Jim Higgins sailed a very competitive race two. Jim H led much of the race behind Kristen. Ron finally caught Jim H and squeezed inside at the lee mark. The two then ran down Kristen at the finish line for a 1-2-3 Ron-Jim H-Kristen finish.

Race three belonged to Kristen as she led wire to wire followed by Ron and Jim Cook.

Tom Martin put it all together in Race 4 for a nice bullet. This was a nail biter as Jim Higgins and Bill Schiffli took an early lead at the start forcing Jim Cook, Tom, and Ron to tack left.  But the tack paid off and Jim Cook won the mark rounding followed by Tom and Ron. Tom passed Jim C on the lee run to move up into first and that's how they finished: Tom-Jim C-Ron.

Ron's day sent him up the ladder into third place in the series. Tom Martin held on to second.

Bill Schiffli did what he needed to do. He sailed a great second in the first race and was able to drop the other three scores by virtue of his great scores to date and Bill holds on to first place by 2 points over Tom Martin and 6 points over Ron.

John Homes gets a Goodies Headache award - literally. John caught a boom in the head during race one and had to retire. He is home in Liza's care. 

Results are posted.

Robert and JoAnne ran a great day. When you have Robert as an OD, you also get Robert as a photographer. Fantastic pictures are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmgxUxTv. Thank you RW and JS!

Kristen O'Reilly had a great daytime club MC.

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