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Spring Series Race 5

The CYC Spring series completed race 5 Saturday morning.  Eight sailors came out to compete. It looked like Accuweather was going to deliver on it's wind prediction [6 with gusts to 8] but by race two, the breeze had weakened. 3 mph was the rule with occasional patches of 5-6. It made for some competitive sailing.

Bill Schiffli led the standings going in and the skipper posted a 1-1-1 day to take charge with only one race day left. It wasn't easy as Nora/Jim Cook and John Holmes challenged.

In race one, John Holmes nabbed a great start and grabbed an early lead. But Bill recovered quickly and by the windward mark, the trio rounded Bill-John-Nora and that is how they finished.

In race two, Bill tried a port start and had to bail immediately. Nora and Jim had the hot start and surged out front. Bill and John went left to the NC shoreline while Nora stayed in the middle. Bill's persistence paid off and the trio again rounded Bill-John-Team Cook and stayed that way to the finish.  In Race three, the wind was really light. Finding patches of breeze was critical. Bill played the NC side again to win the mark rounding. Jim and Nora were second. John sailed this one DNS.

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